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Posted:  9/8/2010 8:32 AM #23896
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Subject: Legacy Introduces Extreme Into Escort Shotgun Lineup
Legacy Sports International announces a new model in the Escort lineup - the Escort Extreme. This new Escort model is a semi-auto with black synthetic stock - and raised, textured grip panels on each side of the pistol grip and forend. The new Extreme also features a raised rib for better sight performance. MSRP: $499.00

Escort Extreme Features:

• Fast Cycling, Gas Actuated Action

• Positive Trigger Guard Button Safety

• Magazine Cut Off

• Chrome Moly Lined Barrel with a Black Chrome Finish

• Brass Bead Front Sight

• Synthetic Black Stock with Black Nylon Recoil Pad

• 4 + 1 Magazine Capacity

• Three Choke Tubes: M, IC and F

• Chambered for 3 Inch Magnum Rounds

• 28" Barrel Length

• Sling Swivel Studs

The Escort Extreme is used as one of two exclusive shotguns by the hunting team of The Fowl Life with Chad Belding television series.

Legacy Sports International, LLC is an importer of firearms and shooting accessories. Bringing in high quality, reliable and affordable products for shooting and hunting enthusiasts is the mission of Legacy Sports' business. With well-respected brands including Howa and Puma M-1892 rifles, Puma Old West M-1887 shotguns and M-1886 big bore rifles, NikkoStirling optics, Citadel LE shotguns and M-1911 handguns, and Escort and Verona shotguns, Legacy Sports is committed to offer today's shooting sports enthusiast performance on the range and in the field. Legacy's track record proves - without a doubt - that they have consistently provided accurate rifles and shotguns as well as award-winning optics for sportsmen on a budget. This is why Legacy Sports is known as "The Most Trusted Name in the Shooting Industry".
Rick Homme
Legacy Sports International, LLC
4750 Longley Lane, Ste. 208
Reno, NV 89502
Ph: 775-575-6186

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