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Posted:  6/24/2013 9:15 AM #38201
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Subject: Review Birchwood Casey Ground Strike Jack Target
From The As if going shooting on the range isn’t fun enough, Birchwood Casey has unveiled the the new Ground Strike Jack Target. The target was designed to bounce around on the ground after it has been shot. This is a fun target to keep new shooters excited about shooting and is fun for the most experienced shooter. You can get immediate feedback if a successful shot has been made at long distances because the target will move. Birchwood Casey says the target can be shot with all calibers and firearms. I don’t own a .50 cal to test this, but the target handles a .223 round nicely. The Jack is made from a durable plastic material. You can also interlock several Jack targets together for more shooting variety.

It’s recommended to only use full metal jacket ammunition with the Jack. This makes sense because any expanding bullet will decrease target life drastically. Also the distance the target is shot at and caliber size will affect the life of the target.

There are a few things to take into considerations to take into mind before you start shooting the Ground Strike Jack. First, Birchwood Casey recommends shooting this target at a minimum of 30 yards. Also don’t use a BB gun, pellet gun, soft air guns, or air rifles because of the risk of a ricochet.
Ground Strike Target From Birchwood Casey Ground Strike Jack

Simply because you are shooting at a target on the ground, there is an increased risk of a ricochet. Just make sure to only use this target in a grass field or clean dirt. Try to avoid areas with gravel or debris.

At around $30 a piece these aren’t the cheapest things to shoot but will give you a new fun target to shoot next time you are on the range. For more info on the target, check out our video review below:


The plastic of this target is durable and lasts through a lot of shooting. I was almost expecting it to start falling apart as soon as I shot it but it held together nicely.


This goes back to the quality on this one. It will last you several trips to the range depending on which caliber of firearm you're shooting it with.


Birchwood Casey has them on their website for $30. Maybe that’s a little high for you if you mostly like just putting holes in paper, but this target puts a fun twist on shooting.


If you like to shoot and are looking for something new to do on the range or help get a newbie excited about shooting this would be a good target to purchase.

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