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Posted:  1/2/2008 10:30 PM #1442

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Subject: AK 74 gunsmithing
How do you take off a AK 74 stock ?

Posted:  1/3/2008 8:17 PM #1443

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Take off receiver cover off. remove recoil spring/rod. remove bolt carrier/ bolt. take out two screws on top(one underneath where recoil spring hooks /other out side) then take a dowel rod or something similair and a hammer and tap out.
This is a straight stock I'm guessing? If not it might be differant.
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Posted:  1/5/2008 7:53 AM #1444

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Last Post: 12/29/2009 is a tutorial with pictures on how to remove the butt stock.

BTW, the site is an excellent source for information. It is primarily for the Romanian AK-47 but it also applies to the AK-74 as well. All of the tutorials and general information are listed on the left of the page.
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Posted:  1/18/2009 12:09 PM #1226

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Here's a video of a how to disassemble the Ak-74
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Posted:  3/27/2013 9:14 PM #37116

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Any of you know anyone seeking an Arsenal/Saiga 5.45x39? I have one for sale at a decent price and unlike the GOUGERS out there. I have tons of Access., from the Mags to Ammo that go with it for only $1100.00

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I am into Misurp weapons as well newer ones and like to stay with a certain platform caliber wise as to be able to one day learn to reload. Anyone on a local basis whom loves to teach about relaoding well Im a great student! :-)
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