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Posted:  2/15/2012 9:37 PM #30409

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Subject: Questions about M&P15 Sport
I'm new to the forum.  I've been lurking and have some questions for the more knowledgeable. Due to fund restrictions I've decided to buy an M&P15 Sport. Mainly for plinking and varmints and if necessary home defense.
In my research of the M&P, I can't find any info about it being built to MilSpecs. I'm assuming the M&P refer to Military and Police. If it is MilSpec, will any AR-15 upper based on MilSPecs from any manufacturer fit the M&P lower?
I've also been following the discussions on various blogs and forums about the .300 BLK ammo coming out. I understand it's basically a .308 bullet in a in a cut down 5.56 casing. I think the .308 is similar to a 7.62 round. The different blogs say that the only change needed to fire .300 BLK in a AR is change out the barrel.
If I build/buy and AR-15 upper , should I choose a .308 or 7.62 barrel? I also read that barrels for .300 Whisper rounds may or may not work with the .300 BLK. S&W makes a .300 Whisper upper and supposedly will work with .300BLK.
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The Smith and Wesson Sport has most of the features anyone would need on an AR type rifle. It only lacks the forward assist and the dust cover. Other than these items it shoots and acts in every way
just like the M4's I have carried into combat.
For home, hunting and self defense use this is a very good rifle to buy and makes getting into shooting AR's cheaper and more affordabel for the masses.
It comes with the Magpul back up rear sight and the standard front sight and a Magpul 30 round magazine depending on the state you are buying in.
I advised a friend to buy one for his first AR and to outfit it with a Primary Arms micro red dot sight with mounts to have absolute co-witness on the sights.
I have moutned the same sights on my own S&W M&P 15 ORC (Optic Ready Carbine) and used Magpul buis and Troy buis sights. Find a nice bungee 2 point sling and mount it to the front and use a no gunsmith mount on the rear of the receiver just in front of the collapsible stock and you are ready to go.
I also use the CMMG 22 conversion on my rifles to let me train all day for just a few dollars using 22LR and save my 5.56 ammo for another day.
Good luck and train with what you buy and you will get better with it.
 The .300 Blackout cartridge is a 5.56 cartridge opened up to accept a .30 bullet and uses the same bolt and magazines as the standard 5.56 by only changing the barrel and makes a wonderrful conversion
for the AR type rifle especially where .30 caliber is the minimum caliber allowed for game hunting.

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