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Posted:  11/4/2009 11:45 AM #19947

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Subject: Ruger LCP and LCR
just thought I would give my impressions of these 2 guns.  I like both of them.  The LCP .380 is the ultimate hide out firearm. It is small, reliable, and very concealable.  Accuracy is good for about 10 yards.  The LCR is really a nice revolver and it is rated for +P ammo.  It is more accurate than the LCP.  At about 15 yards it is good for about a 3" group.  The trigger pull is short and smooth for a double action gun.  I am impressed with both of these little weapons.  Have a goodun!!!!

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Thanks Hog. It's always good to hear form someone who has first hand experience with a firearm, particularly new ones.
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Posted:  10/30/2012 11:26 PM #34895

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Thank you for the input.  My family owns both, my wife loves that .380 but has yet to fire the 9mm.  I wish she would carry the 9mm but, something in better thatn nothing!@import url(;

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