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Posted:  6/14/2013 12:33 AM #38106

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Subject: The Remington SPS 300 Remington Ultra Magnum 26" bbl
I finally traded around & got me a brand new 300RUM Model 700S PS 26" blk/blu & i truly love this rifle i have wanted one for years but i just could't afford it I finally made a trade & got me this rifle NIB I started out using the Ramshot MAGNUM Powder but i had problems with the powder the primers were backing out & the accuracy wasn't there & the load was just above the rec. start charge I even contacted Remington & explained what was going on & they even sent me a pre paid shipping label to return the rifle & i was i just happened to post the problem in a forum i belong to & one of the other members told to to switch to the Hodgdon RETUMBO & the rifle would be fine so i did just that & i loaded up a box & we took them to the range & it was a different rifle i touched 4 bullet holes @ 100 yards & then we took a plastic drink bottle full of water & we set it off @ 325 yards & i took my time & BOOM & at the crack of the rifle the bottle exploded so that took care of my rifle I woundn't trade my Remmy for any other rifle made . I owned a Weatherby Vanguard in 300 WBY Magum for many years & i had used the Ramshot MAGUM powder with excellent accuracy also so i didn't know  that the MAGNUM powder wouldn't shoot good in my 300RUM so i switched to the RETUMBO & everything is excellent now . Do any of you fellas have a 300RUM let me know what ya guys think of the 300RUM

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