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Posted:  11/21/2011 3:06 PM #29026
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Subject: Kel-Tec PMR-30: Hard to Find, but Worth Buying?
( By Ted Roca- When it was introduced at the 2010 Shot Show, everybody knew the Kel-Tec PMR-30 would be a big hit. How could it not be? A full-size .22 Magnum pistol that holds 30 rounds – they should’ve called it, “A sure thing.” But then tragedy struck and Kel-Tec had a string of bad luck producing the damn thing.

The first few batches of PMR-30s were made by hand, so needless to say the factory couldn’t pump out the inventory needed to fulfill all the orders. Although it was introduced in January, Kel-Tec really wasn’t able to kickoff production until late 2010. And, as we see time and time again, the first batch will inevitably have problems (in the PMR-30’s case, it was a bad barrel twist), so those had to be worked out, too. Technically Kel-Tec really didn’t get production of the PMR-30 to full speed until May 2011.

Needless to say finding a PMR-30 has been few and far between. So if you do find one you may ask yourself, “Is it worth buying?” Not just for $415, but worth buying at all.

Well, short answer is, "hold on to it."

It’s a very versatile handgun. It’s lightweight and has extremely mild recoil, so it’s great for plinking, target shooting or first time shooters, and the .22 Magnum is an excellent cartridge for small game hunting. (In fact, this past summer Kel-Tec released a statement recommending the ideal brand of ammo to feed it. It’s CCI Maxi-Mag 40 grains, which costs a whopping 12 bucks for 50 rounds.)

However, if $12 is a bite to the wallet consider this: "(The PMR-30) is fun to shoot fast and you’ll be surprised how quickly the thing empties out. The way this thing shoots, I can imagine ammunition getting expensive." (For the full review, click here.)

The PMR-30 features fiber optic sights, ambidextrous safety, a light single-action trigger, and, although huge, the mostly polymer construction makes it light as all hell. Plus it comes with a few extra goodies like two magazines, a hard case, and trigger lock.Also, Kel-Tec offers a decent lifetime warranty for the original owners of their firearms.  They also have a top-notch customer service department.  Even the guys who are the most ticked off about their PMR-30 having to be shipped back expressed satisfaction with the customer service department.

Although the execution has been rough, the concept of this gun is perfect. With the demand for the PMR-30 outpacing Kel-Tec’s supply, presently, the PMR-30 is a rare miss.

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