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Posted:  6/8/2012 12:19 PM #31975
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Subject: Question of the Day: Are You a Single Issue Voter?
( by Dan Zimmerman-I’m on the email blast list for my favorite local range, Top Gun Shooting Sports just south of St. Louis. If you find yourself in the neighborhood, they’re definitely worth a stop. But besides the news that they now warrant every gun they sell for life and that Browning gun safes are selling faster than Tumms at a chili cookoff, their latest missive also carries a message about the “important political year ahead of us”. . . In the coming months, we would like to remind everyone of what an important election year this will be for gun owners. Over the past several years, our industry has grown with thousands of new firearm owners. If we are going to keep our 2nd Ammendment Rights, we are going to have to work for it this year more than any. It is our job as citizens to be informed voters. To quote Wayne LaPierre, “This is the most dangerous election of our lifetimes”. It is time that we send a clear message to Washington that we as firearm owners will not stand by and let our rights be stepped on. For more information on how you can help, visit

Just like abortion, gay marriage, socialized medicine and who the Kardashians are sleeping with this week, you don’t have to be too far to the right of center on the old bell curve to know that 2A rights tend to be a hot button issue. And you can see why someone who owns an operation like Top Gun would have an interest in how things go in November.

The advance of gun rights is certainly an important issue I take into consideration when deciding which oval to color in when I’m in the voting booth. It’s just not the only one that informs that decision. For me anyway.

Read through the gun blogosphere for more than 23 seconds and you’ll find all kinds of predictions about what candidate will or won’t be the worst thing to happen to gun rights since the assault weapons ban. That’s usually quickly followed by declarations of how this year it isn’t worth voting for either the Demublican or Republicrat candidate. Gun-wise, at least. So do tell…do you decide your vote based solely on gun issues or do you let other considerations factor into the equation?

Posted:  6/9/2012 12:34 AM #31981

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Voting 101: Primary elections are always politically "tactical" meaning you vote for the best person offered by your party. General elections are politically "strategic" meaning you should vote for the main party that most closely supports the trends and directions you want the country to take -period. Nobody expects any party to be 100% right with your ideals, hence "trends and directions." Individual candidates, aren't the winners or losers in general elections, parties are. The winning party gets to set the fiscal and legislative agenda, rule the committees and sub-committees, confirm or reject court appointments, ratify treaties, etc. If your candidate wins, but his party loses, your candidate might as well be on the moon for all the good he'll do you. Remember, primaries are tactical, generals are strategic. And please don't cloud the issue with religious tests- you're not electing a saint - just a politician. His faith is none of your business just as yours is none of his. At election time, put your country ahead of your church. You'll live. And ignore all third parties, thank you. Nobody cares about your petty ideological narcissism and it splits the vote for the party closest to your beliefs, guaranteeing you'll live under the greater of your 2 evils. Like it or not, a vote for the Libertarian is a vote for the Democrat; a vote for the Green is a vote for the Republican. Not voting? Screw you. And I don't want to hear your side of it.   
Am I a single issue voter? it depends on how broadly you define the issue. If the issue is large - a socialist vs. a capitalist, yeah I'm a single issue voter. If the issue is narrower, such as social, military, fiscal or foreign policies, it would depend on how far apart the party platforms (not the candidates) were on the issue. If one party is pro-choice, and the other is pro-life but with plenty of exceptions, I would find the difference inconsequential.
Fortunately for my decision-making convenience, one party usually trends in my general direction almost across the issues board. The party platforms are generally 'right' or 'wrong' on numerous issues - rarely on just one or two. So, in the real world, having to make a single issue vote almost never actually comes up.  

Posted:  6/9/2012 6:38 AM #31982

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I'm not a single issue voter. One candidate cannot possibly agree with everything that I feel is relevant. It always boils down to who will do the least amount of harm.There are certain key criteria I expect a candidate to fulfill at the very minimum. I always vote,and yes,character is one of the many issues I consider along with many others.

Posted:  6/9/2012 9:40 AM #31983

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I've never been a single issue voter, although there are single issues I consider instant disqualifiers for canidates. My focus has always been national defense, 2A and the rest of the Bill of Rights, conservative values and smaller government. Since I now live in a southwest border state illegal immigration has become a big issue with me cause I see the results of it almost daily.

Posted:  10/20/2012 2:27 PM #34713

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I came across this post while searching to find any info on Libertarian 2nd Amendment groups.

I've been a member of 2 parties in the past: the GOP & the Libertarians. Now I'm registered as an Independent but still generally vote for either of those 2 groups.
Having said that, I long ago realized I'd never find a party I agreed with utterly, so I eventually decided that I would base my vote on one issue above all others: Civil Liberties - the entire Bill of Rights. Foreign policy, economy, taxes, the environment (& arguments for/against global warming) all come in second.

So the 2nd Amendment is a hot button issue for me; but so are things like the Patriot Act, warrantless wiretapping (vs the 4th Amendment), the NDAA (indefinite detention in violation of the 5th & 6th Amendments), the right to practice my religious beliefs as I wish (or to have none at all).
For example, I was a Ron Paul supporter. I DO understand the desire for anyone but Obama, and in the past I have voted for mediocre candidates as a way to try and prevent a truly crappy candidate from winning. But, if people like myself always take that course of action, then we shall never get a candidate we truly approve of. If we continue to accept mediocrity, that is all we shall ever get.

My attitude is, this election, if the GOP loses, so be it. In 2016, maybe they will remember this lesson and embrace more Libertarian views. Maybe they won't change the rules to deny the next Ron Paul a chance to speak at the RNC, maybe they won't yank away signs from RP supporters, and maybe they will learn that if they nominate a person who is weak on the Bill of Rights - they will lose again... and they will instead, do a better job in 2016.
OR - I could accept the premise stated by Horselips, but I don't trust politicians or political parties. I suspect that at the next election the GOP will likely again block my candidate, rip away our signs, and spit on our ideas.

In light of that, I'd rather see the GOP suffer a crushing defeat, and actually learn from it... rather than win this election and never learn.

So, I guess I AM a single issue voter, but the issue is the entire Bill of Rights (and my conscience), and I vote that way knowing I won't win this election, but can only hope to influence future party choices.


Posted:  10/20/2012 4:18 PM #34718

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S-O-L, The only one who will learn the lesson you are so anxious to teach the Republican Party is you. If President Obama is reelected, it is you who will see your country weakened and threatened, your civil rights stripped away including the RKBA, your income subjected to ruinous taxation, your liberty reduced to forced dependence, your administration corrupted, your choices limited and your opportunities curtailed. And don't fantasize that a future Libertarian President like Ron Paul would be able to restore what you lost. Unless he had Libertarian super-majorities in both houses of Congress and a packed Supreme Court to support him. Not likely. Not even remotely possible. Ideological narcissism is not the answer. A Republican victory on November 6 would blunt the progressive agenda, and actually bring the repeal, or at least sensible reform of the damaging legislation passed in the first 2 years of President Obama's term. It could restore fiscal responsibility and regenerate the economy. And it might teach the voters in future elections that liberalism is never the solution to our problems.

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