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Posted:  10/21/2012 4:35 PM #34730
Mr. Bud

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Subject: Another newbie to CTD Forums
I'm new here... I currently live in Oklahoma and have poked around the forums for a little while and finally decided to register. I only own a few guns right now, but I'm working on expanding my collection. Plus, a lot of the articles I have read in here, I have enjoyed reading.
So far I have in my collection:
Sig Sauer P229 in 9mm
Nagant 1895 revolver
Mosin Nagant 91/30
The last two items were gifts in the past year and I've been working on modifying the Mosin. Next on my shopping list is a Para Ordnance P14, a Remington 700 SPS (.308), and something along the lines of a AR-10 or M1A... we'll see what the wife lets me get away with... 
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Hi Mr, Bud! Thank you for joining us!
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