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Posted:  11/22/2012 10:15 PM #35264
Old Coot

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Subject: Where to hide guns and ammo?
Lot of good ideas here. My 2 cents on safety deposit boxes...big no go. The new banking regulations allow the alphabet agency's free search of your bank safe deposit box with no notification of you. Banks have sold off contents of safe deposit boxes that were current in payments but labeled by the bank as abandoned. Will you have access to that safe deposit box during a crisis? Government called bank holiday means the doors are locked to everyone. When LEO come looking best thing is to say might be to take the fifth. Inform them that they don't have permission for their un lawful orders. Remind them nicely that the Nurneberg defense did not keep many out of prison for following un lawful orders. Then say nothing till they appoint you a lawyer. Martha Stewart went to prison for lying to investigators not insider trading.

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Just look around your place and think about where you would look for weapons.  Don't use those places, you have to think "outside the box" so to speak and be creative.

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