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Posted:  6/20/2009 12:27 PM #17151
Sergeant Red

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Subject: Optics on the AK
So, I want to add optics (RDS) to my AK; my choices are.
Ultimak Rail  
"Scout Scope" Mount
LaRue IronDot
Side Rail Mount.
I have rejected out of hand.
Top Cover Mount.
Cheaper Gas Tube Rail Mounts.

Does anyone have any experience with any of these systems?
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Posted:  6/23/2009 2:06 AM #17170

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About 20 years ago I mounted a shotgun style scope mount on a Mak90. It involved drilling a cople of holes thru the receiver using a jig. It was rock solid but made the receiver cover a little tricky to remove, but not bad. Today I would go with a QD style scope mount on a the fixed rail like the ruskies use. That will give you the widest options for scopes.
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Posted:  6/23/2009 10:03 AM #17174

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For a tough as nails, no messing around with junk, and positively work every time.

Posted:  6/30/2009 10:39 AM #17281

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Hi Sarge,
I have a Romanian SAR-1 with a KOBRA EKP-1S-03M red dot mounted on its siderail. The KOBRA is an older model and only has the red dot (newer ones have a black/red combination with the black being active even with dead batteries). This Russian military sight is very sturdy, holds its zero after dismounting and remounting, is shockproof and waterproof, and is powered by two "AA" batteries. The sight has 16 levels of brightness and the following 4 reticules: 

Mounted on the rifle, the sight looks like:

P.S. Once I learn how to get the pictures to appear, I will edit this so you can see what I have attempted to post.
Edited to show pictures by Moderator DangerDan
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Posted:  7/1/2009 11:56 AM #17296

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Thanks for the edit, DangerDan.
What should I have done in order to have had the pictures displayed?
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Posted:  7/1/2009 12:38 PM #17298

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Hey Sarge,
Forgot to mention the AK side rail mounts. There are several models but the ones I have had experience with are shown below.

The side mount locks onto the rifle's siderail in the same manner as the KOBRA. It is rock steady, sits directly above the bore, and will accept any sight having either Weaver or Picatinny rails.
 The difference between two models shown is that one sits higher than the other which allows the iron sights on the rifle to be used. The rail on the taller model is also somewhat longer than the rail on the lower model.
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Posted:  5/12/2012 1:09 PM #31655

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Why reject top cover mounts out of hand? I have a top cover mount on my AK47 Underfolder and also on my Saiga .223. Both are rock-solid stable, and because they're Tri-Rails (UTG T970TR) I have room enough for all the toys. And they're see-through so iron sights are still good. Under $30 at Before I settled on these, I checked all the reviews at Amazon for everything from side mounts to scouts and there was enough to scare me into getting top covers. Many of the side-mount clip ons are not straight -often they don't line up. If you get a good one-great! Go for it. But the replacement top mounts are far stronger and better made than any AK47's original top cover.

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