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Posted:  12/15/2011 1:41 PM #29398

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Subject: Para 1911 GI Expert review
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Last week I purchased a Para 1911 GI Expert Stainless. I noticed at the dealer that the frame to slide fit was tight! No rattle whatsoever! Feed ramp was smooth and barrel was smooth, Looked like it would be a good shooter. Excellent fit and finish. Upon cleaning the weapon I noticed it was as well made as my last couple of Colt 1911's. I did notice the disconnector seemed a little sub par as ive seen on some other 1911's on the market. Trigger was a bit rough, Hard to tell if it was due to the firing pin safety of if maybe there was a burr on the sear or hammer. One test I always try is to feed an empty fired case and see if it will feed.(Ive always done this with my 1911's to see if there are any feeding problems then work on them as needed) It chambered the empty case outta the box! In pure shock I grabbed 8 cases, it chambered all of them and didnt even flinch! I was ready for the range, so the son and I took 500 Rounds of various 45 acp (Winchester fmj, Wadcutter reloads, Ball reloads, Federal jhp). At first accuracy was to be expected 2-3 inches at 10 yards. After about 150 rounds the trigger started to smooth up and the gun began to really dial itself in. We began to cloverleaf rounds and started getting 1" groups offhand.... the more we shot the gun, the better it shot! We began to run out of daylight as we were shooting at 20 yards benchrested, but were still getting groups in the 3" range. Sights on the gun were dead on from the factory. After firing just over 500 Rounds without a single Malfunction or jam, Im ready to go get some better internals and try to smooth up the Trigger so it feels like butter. If your in the market for a 1911 you definately need to look at the Para GI Expert! Especially at $550 Price tag! Its definately my new favorite target gun! Cant wait to start putting goodies on it!

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Thanks for your review. I hardly ever hear anyone talking about Para-Ordnance, but I personally think they make a great looking gun. I have never shot one, but would like to.

I don't know many people at all who own one, but whoever I talk to that has had one thought it was a good gun.

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