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Posted:  2/16/2013 1:22 AM #36494

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Subject: Does Cheaper than Dirt do trading of guns as well?
I live in Ft Worth and I only often visit CTD but do tons of online ordering though. I wondered of you all carry the line of Russian Weapons called "VEPR"? As well do you do trading for guns,exchanges of monies plus guns and that type thing? I LOVE Russian weapons and have an Arsenal Saiga that has only been shot with Non Corrosive ammo the Wolf WPA and No Surplus and shot 60 times now,but I recently fell in LOVE with the Mosin type Cartridge! I am seeking to buy a Mosin and a VEPR in the 54R version! Just wondered as it never hurts to ask! I am the original owner of the rifle and bought it less than 6 months ago now. It is the SGL31 chambered in 5.45x39 with lots of extras but still set up in the Sporter configuration.  
I am into Misurp weapons as well newer ones and like to stay with a certain platform caliber wise as to be able to one day learn to reload. Anyone on a local basis whom loves to teach about relaoding well Im a great student! :-)
Owner of just some:
Glock 17
Vepr 7.62x54R I am in Wuvvvvvvv!
Saiga 5.45x39mm
Saiga .410
Yugo SKS Love that one!
And more but not to worthy of mentioning!

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JerDon- We only have VEPR accessories in stock. Cheaper Than Dirt Outdoor Adventures in Fort Worth will purchase used guns for cash.
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