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Subject: NRA-ILA GRASSROOTS ALERT: Vol. 20, No. 44 11/08/2013
Runner's World Promotes Handgun Ban alongside Shoe Reviews, Training Recipes-One of the regrettable consequences of the political class's obsession with gun control legislation (despite the American public not considering guns a significant problem) is that it encourages people and publications that otherwise aren't political into sharing their oblivious opinions on the matter. Such is the case with a November 5th column on the website of Runner's World magazine. Nestled on a front page that includes an article on "How Pumpkins Can Help Your Running" and a video titled "Power Yoga for Runners" is a piece by track athlete Nick Symmonds calling for a ban on handguns and popular semi-automatic rifles.

Attempting to pander to those who actually value their rights, Symmonds starts off the column by boasting, "I love my Second Amendment right." Symmonds then spends the remainder of the paragraph channeling Bill Clinton and John Kerry by listing his hunting bona fides as pro-Second Amendment credentials.

Later on, Symmonds proposes a legislative "compromise" that would "[b]an assault rifles and handguns for everyone except police and military personnel." Under his proposal, Symmonds would graciously "allow responsible citizens to own rifles and shotguns," as "[r]ifles are for big-game animals, [and] shotguns are for birds." Nowhere does Symmonds entertain the notion that firearms have legitimate, constitutionally protected, self-defense applications.




Watch the Latest Grassroots News Minute


Mayor Bloomberg: His Group Honored the Boston Bomber


An Example of Why the Administration Wants More Gun Control "Research"

If anyone was still wondering why Congress prohibited the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from using tax dollars to fund gun control advocacy research, and why the White House has called for $10 million in new funding for such research to help the administration "transform" the country's gun laws, the authors of a recent "study" that characterizes gun-owning whites as racists have bent over backwards to explain.


Florida House Subcommittee Stands Firm on Self-defense

As we reported last week, stand-your-ground laws--under which peaceful, law-abiding persons can defend themselves without first having to retreat from their assailants--have come under attack by those who would do away with the right of self-defense altogether. According to such people, ordinary Americans are too prejudiced to be trusted to exercise their rights. Opponents of self-defense have shown themselves willing to stoop to any level to smear those who support strong self-defense laws, even portraying the mere act of owning a gun as evidence of racism.


Army Veteran Banned from Daughter's School after Facebook Posting of Concealed Carry Permit

A mother and parent volunteer was banned from her daughter's school after reportedly posting a picture of her concealed carry permit on her personal Facebook page.

As reported in a recent Fox News article, Tanya Mount, an Army veteran from Georgia, was banned from her disabled daughter's school building after being approached by a police officer from the Richmond County Board of Education at McBean Elementary School. She was informed by the officer that she was about to get a criminal trespass warning.


Not Quite All "The Facts" About the AR-15

Though he didn't get everything right in his article about the AR-15 for Business Insider on Friday, Brian Jones included a number of facts that are beyond dispute. He noted, for example, that the AR-15 is "America's most popular rifle," which is certainly the case, based upon recent firearm manufacturer reports showing that between 300,000 and 500,000 AR-15s are made annually for sale to the public. Jones also mentioned that "Much of what makes the AR‑15 so popular is its adaptability. Modern AR‑15s feature a rail system that allows for custom sights, scopes, and accessories to be placed on the gun."


Appellate Court Affirms Unconstitutionality of California Ammunition Controls

To follow up on an earlier NRA report, on November 6, California's Court of Appeals upheld a lower court decision invalidating a California law that threatened to limit access to, and compel recordkeeping for, ammunition sales.

The law, enacted as part of Assembly Bill No. 962, sought to impose onerous restrictions on the sale, delivery, and transfer of "handgun ammunition," with criminal penalties for noncompliance.


2013 Firearms Law Symposium a Great Success

The 2013 "Firearms Law & The Second Amendment Symposium" was held on Saturday, October 12, 2013, at the University of Denver in Colorado.

Sponsored by The NRA Foundation, the annual symposium focused on recent developments in our nation's courts regarding the Second Amendment, as well as topics that covered the historical, academic, and practical application of firearm law.



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CALIFORNIA: Sunnyvale Voters Approve Anti-Gun Measure C – Lawsuit Imminent

CALIFORNIA: California Court of Appeals Confirms Ruling Striking Down Ammunition Sales Restrictions

CALIFORNIA: One Final Opportunity to STOP the Pleasant Hill City Council from Supporting Stringent Local Requirements on Firearm Sales

FLORIDA: Southwest Florida Water Management District Evaluating Hunting and Other Recreation

FLORIDA: Alert: Leon County Commissioners Considering Gun Control

FLORIDA: Alert! Tell Commissioners that Mary Ann Lindley's claim is false

FLORIDA: Pro-Gun Sheriff Prosecuted by Anti-Gun State Attorney in Second Amendment Case

FLORIDA: Leon County Commissioners Didn't Come Up with this on Their Own

FLORIDA: Pro-Gun Candidate Defeats Anti-Gun Mayor of Lakeland

FLORIDA: ALERT! Florida's Stand Your Ground Law Stood Its Ground Against Attack

ILLINOIS: Mandatory Minimum Bill Dropped from Veto Session, House Adjourns

MISSISSIPPI: AG Opinion States DPS May Not Charge Additional Carry Permit Photo Processing Fee Without Legislative Approval

NORTH CAROLINA: Pro-Gun Candidate Defeats Anti-Gun Mayor of Morrisville

OREGON: St. Helen's School Board Passes Important School Safety Measure

PENNSYLVANIA: Anti-Gun Mayor of Butler Defeated by Pro-Gun Candidate Tom Donaldson

PENNSYLVANIA: Pro-Gun Candidate Defeats Anti-Gun Mayor of Chambersburg

WASHINGTON: Jan Angel Wins State Senate Seat in Special Election

WEST VIRGINIA: Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Expands to Iowa and New Hampshire


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