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Posted:  8/19/2014 10:35 AM #42774
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Subject: Nevada: UPDATE on Concealed Handgun License Permit Recognition
NRA-ILA New: Earlier this week, your NRA-ILA reported on alterations to Nevada’s Concealed Handgun License Permit recognition agreements.  In addition to removing West Virginia from its list of recognized out-of-state permits, Nevada will no longer honor permits from Louisiana.  However, the Silver State will now begin honoring permits from Illinois. These changes were made following a yearly review of all state permit systems.  In order for an out-of-state permit to be recognized, Nevada Revised Statutes require that permit requirements be substantially similar or more stringent than Nevada as well have an electronic database that may be accessed by Nevada law enforcement.


According to a Nevada Department of Public Safety Memo, West Virginia permits are no longer being recognized because an individual over 18 but under 21 years of age may obtain a permit if it is a requirement of their job.  This has long been acceptable in Nevada as substantially similar, but has now become a disqualifier.  Louisiana will no longer be permitted recognition because of the issuance of lifetime permits.  It is unknown why Nevada will no longer recognize Louisiana’s standard permit as it is separate and distinct from the lifetime permit.  For a complete listing of permit recognized by Nevada, click here.

Your NRA is working closely with state officials in Nevada to understand these changes.  Please stay tuned to your email inbox and for further updates.

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Yeah, and all of that is in the 2nd Amendment, ain't it?

Posted:  8/19/2014 3:05 PM #42777

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One wonders how all this feverish and frantic regulation of the law-abiding will somehow protect society from the depredations of the lawless. All I can do is scratch my balls and marvel.

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