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Posted:  9/5/2013 8:44 AM #39013
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Subject: Elderly, Disabled Woman Uses 9mm Glock to Fight Off Intruder High on Drugs
From We always like to say that guns are the great equalizer. They allow people like the elderly to level the playing field against younger, stronger assailants. That is exactly what happened in this case. Mabel Fletcher, 64-year-old disabled woman living in Ohio said she got her concealed weapons permit and a 9mm Glock handgun back in June for self defense. Fletcher was awakened by her dog when someone broke into her home last night. A young woman high on a cocktail of drugs had broken into the home. The intruder attacked Fletcher, throwing objects at her.

Fletcher fired three rounds in self defense and at one point the suspect even feigned being shot, but lunged at Fletcher when she got too close. That’s when Fletcher fired the last shot that finally scared the intruder off.

According to, the elderly resident wasn’t overly happy with her shooting,

“I can shoot good. If I’d a had my glasses on, I probably would have shot better,” said Mabel Fletcher. “But who thinks about putting on their glasses when they’re getting broken into?”

Police found the suspect sleeping in a car nearby. She was arrested on a numerous charges including possession of several kinds of drugs. The suspect was not sober enough to be put in front of a judge this morning and authorities hope to try again later.

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