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Posted:  12/25/2009 7:06 AM #20674

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Subject: ROHM RG 14
I just picked up a RG 14, it was givin to me so the price was right. Only problem is that it was completely disassembled. I've found only two or three parts diagrams but they are of no use as instructions on how to put it back together. Normally most parts lists show where everything goes and even in what order. I am for someone with a RG 14 and if they could take the side cover off and email me some pics showing the guts of the gun. Thank you
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Posted:  5/16/2011 9:31 PM #27068

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is this the .22?if so, i'ts a complete pos, get rid of it. Roehm had one SA looking .38 that would hold together for a few hundred rds of low powered wadcutter ammo, but that is it. The rest of their line was junk, pure junk. 

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