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Posted:  7/3/2014 8:26 AM #42252
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Subject: New Jersey: Magazine Capacity Restriction Vetoed
( Yesterday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) vetoed A.2006 S.993, sponsored by Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald (D-6) and Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg (D-37).  This legislation sought to arbitrarily lower New Jersey’s magazine restriction from fifteen rounds to ten.  New Jersey is one of only a handful of states that already has a restriction on the number of rounds permitted.  Of course, criminals ignore the law, making such measures completely ineffective at addressing public safety and violent crime.  Cities like Camden, Jersey City, Patterson, Newark and Trenton continue to experience high crime rates despite New Jersey having some of the toughest gun control laws in the nation.  The state has had a fifteen-round magazine limit for about two decades and it has had zero impact on crime during that time.  Yet, New Jersey’s anti-gun legislators were poised to enact more of the same failed policies and continue their attack on law-abiding gun owners in the Garden State.


The NRA actively worked against these bills during this legislative session and testified in opposition to these anti-gun bills in both Senate and Assembly committee hearings at the Statehouse.  We thank the hundreds of New Jersey NRA members who also traveled to Trenton to testify against these bills.  Also, thank you to those NRA members who were unable to attend committee hearings and instead made phone calls to legislators and the Governor.  Our unified effort made the difference!

Using the contact information provided below, please call and e-mail Governor Chris Christie to thank him for vetoing this anti-gun legislation and defending the Second Amendment.


Governor Chris Christie:
(609) 292-6000

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Posted:  7/3/2014 3:25 PM #42259

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Christie gets no thank you call from me until he publicly calls for and actually has New Jersey Republicans introduce into the legislature, bills to repeal all of New Jersey's idiotic gun control laws. When New Jersey becomes the next Arizona, call me.

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