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Posted:  2/20/2012 9:38 AM #30448
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Subject: Hi Point C9 9mm – A Good, Cheap Gun
( Scott Mayer -There are circumstances, often financial sometimes environmental, when having an expensive gun isn’t possible, or may not be the best choice. For those instances, Hi Point offers a value-priced—no, a low-priced–line of American-made handguns that prove time and again that—almost no matter what–they can be counted on to work when you need them. That’s exactly what the company’s owners set out to do—provide a safe, reliable handgun that practically anyone can afford. So what can you expect for about $150 bucks?
My gun safe contains Kimbers and Colts, Baker shotguns and custom rifles—and a Hi Point C9 9mm semiautomatic pistol. I know it might surprise some people to read that in addition to higher end guns, I have lower end ones, too, but I am a fan of Hi Points because they are one of the best values in the gun market. Full retail on a Hi Point C9 is $179 and I see them listed on GunsAmerica “new in box” for as little as $145. Add to that the fact that they’re American-made and can take a heck of a lot of abuse and still work, and there’s no reason not to appreciate a Hi Point except for the fact that many people think they’re heavy and ugly.

Posted:  2/2/2013 9:19 AM #36330

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I must agree with you.  I have 2 of the C9's and as you stated, they do the job.  I've had a few feeding issues with the cheaper ammo, but not with the quality stuff.  Once I got the feed ramp polished with ammo and not sanding it it will fire accuratly and each time.  I am on a very limited income being disabled and old (65) and I was told by my gun shop that it would go bang each time the trigger was pressed.  He was spot on.  I love the high end guns but just can't afford one.  I have been looking to aquire a .17 HMR or a hi-point or Keltec 9mm rifle but it seems that they are hard to find.  I just stumbled on this forum and look to have other opinions sent to me. 

Posted:  1/2/2014 9:17 PM #40201

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I am with you as well. I own and have owned some pretty expensive pistols and got a new Hi-Point C-9 just to test a new gun shop's ability to deliver. I fully expected it to be a terrible pistol. I cleaned it up, took it out back and proceeded to fire about 170 rounds of everything from Hornady, Winchester and Federal ammo to some old polymer Wolf. I never had a failure. I have never had that kind of performance from any Sigs, Kimbers, Brownings or Walthers right out of the box and I only remember 2 out of 4 Glocks doing as well with a mix of ammo types like that. Maybe I just got a good one, but so far, that reliability is noteworthy. I expect after one or two more days on target, if the performance continues, I will have no problem trusting this gun in most any situation.

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