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Posted:  9/30/2009 5:10 PM #18928

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Subject: Kahr PM9 9mm

Kahr PM9

The Kahr pistol was designed by Justin Moon and introduced in 1995. The polymer framed guns appeared in 2000. The Browning-type locked-breech action has a striker-operated firing pin. It is a true hammerless action that is similar in principle and very different in execution to the design of the Glock.

The patented and revolutionary engineering of Justin Moon allows the diminutive 9mm achieve a .9 inch width and 4 inch height, and 5.3 inch length while weighing in at a scant 14 oz. The Kahr PM9 does all this while supplying 6+1 rounds of 9mm.

The diminutive size and weight of the PM9 allow the pistol to be carried in almost in any manner or any location. At home in a pocket or on a belt, the pistol also carries on the ankle or on body armor as a back-up.

The Kahr trigger is similar in feel to a nice double-action revolver, with a short 3/8 inch trigger travel. The slide travels on four steel inserts like any other modern polymer gun. While small we found the 9mms recoil very manageable in this pistol, and putting shots on the target rapidly was easy to do. Both large and small handed shooters found the ergonomics to be pleasing, with no major complaints.

With 7 round extended magazine.

7 round magazine and the 6-rounder.

The sights are a white dot front with black rear. We found them easy to pick up and make fast hits with.

Here is the Kahr with a Glock 19 9mm for comparitive purposes.

We found the Kahr to be a true fighting pistol despite its size. With controllable recoil, excellent day sights and a very smooth trigger a shooter would be hard pressed to find a better pocket pistol than the Kahr. The best testament to the PM9 was that one shooter, after shooting our test pistol, went out and purchased one of his own.

Accessory availability


Kahr PM9

Scott Fuller
Product Tech

Posted:  7/19/2013 8:25 PM #38474

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Nice review. My dept. authorized the PM9 for off duty and plainclothes work in 2003. I've carried mine for the past ten years, with only one mis-feed. Short barrel autos, the .380 Walther PPKS for one, sometimes have a problem feeding anything other than ball ammo, if there is a small ridge where the feed ramp and barrel meet. If memory serves, my Kahr also had that ridge. Once Dremeled down smooth this problem is eliminated, as the edge of shell casings will no longer hang up on that ridge. I've put over 1000 rounds through my PM9 with no problem. Tritium night sights are also a valuable addition. One other con, in my opinion, is the price of additional magazines. I purchased four extra 8 capacity mags to make qualifications easier. At $44.00 each, that's fairly steep, considering I can buy .45 Colt 1911 mags for my New Agent at $22.00 each.@import url(;

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