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Posted:  9/28/2009 4:54 PM #18873

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Subject: Leapers UTG Deluxe Two Pistol Case

Leapers UTG Deluxe Two Pistol Case

Another pistol case I know.
But as I was raving about the super cheap Deluxe Pistol Case (LINK) I noticed that for a couple of more dollars we have the UTG version that holds two (count ‘em)
pistols and even features an outer pocket.

Large and roomy interior with padded pockets.

Holds two Glocks and magazines perfectly.

Heavy-duty zipper with cord pulls.

Sturdy carry handle with hook and loop wrap.

I do not know what I would carry in the outer pocket, but it is handily present if I need it (maybe a box of ammo or something).

I have way too many handguns and I am always looking for more efficient ways to lug them around. This case holds two guns and six magazines in separate internal pockets. It is well built and a bargain at twice the price. Our customers must agree as they rant about this case in the reviews.

Leapers UTG Deluxe Two Pistol Case

Scott Fuller
Product Tech

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