You're looking down a cavernous muzzle, and you think to yourself-"I'm screwed! This ain't no dumb, city slicker on the other end of that Taurus revolver, and if he's packing 00 buckshot or Colt Longs, I'm dead meat." Then the homeowner speaks, slow and clear, so there's no mistakin' his intent.

"Do you really need my TV, or do you figure maybe you're the Cable guy?"

You're slack-mouthed, yet you manage a feeble reply, "Is this your thin-screen TV?"

The home owner's enjoying this a lot. He could hold point with his Taurus .45/410 all day long.

He's already given you more breathing time than a bungling idiot and a thief has a right to.

The home owner cuts you a ton of slack. "Okay, put the TV down, real slow." You comply.

"Now, back up, hands up!" You follow his commands like a whipped puppy.

The homeowner dials 911 and waits. "Yes, ma'am," he drawls, savoring the moment. "Got a burglar here in my home. Yes, that's right. He's standing in front of me. Yup, send a car to 104 Willow."

He hangs up and watches you sweat some more. "You think you can break into my home?"

"No, sir," you moan. "Please, don't kill me," you beg. A puddle forms on the floor, spreading out from around your tennis shoes stained yellow, threatening to soil the man's carpet by the front door.

"Aw, shucks," he says. "Look what you've gone and done!" You say, "Mister, I'm real sorry, I'll clean it up..." You begin to lower your trembling hands. "No, you don't," the home owner growls.

He motions with the business end of the Taurus, "Put 'em up!" And you reach for the ceiling.

You hear the siren, and you're glad to be alive. The sheriff leads you handcuffed to the squad car, and you look at the silver Taurus in the old man's hand. You gotta know. "What you got in that, mister? The 3-inch magnum, 410 or .45 Colt Longs?" "Does it really matter?" the home owner winks.

"No, sir, but I just got to know." You know you'll have a long time to think about it-years.

The old man smiles real big. "Three-inch magnums. You didn't have a snowball's chance."

And you head off to jail, back to the Big House-mad you got busted, glad just to be alive.

The Taurus is one of the better self-defense and snake-charmer pocket guns available today.

A Taurus 4510, The Judge, is the pocket pistol I want for Christmas-the 3-inch, double-action, five-shot, stainless version with the fiber-optic front sight and the patented, Taurus "Ribber" grips.

But there's a ton of choices to he had in Taurus guns-in caliber, barrel length, grips, etc.

What makes the Taurus 410 Revolver so cool is it handles 410 buckshot or .45 Colt Longs-take your pick, depending on the mission-from two-legged varmints in the hood, to slithering snakes.

Either way, The Judge is back in town, slimmer and lighter, more deadly than ever.

Introducing the Taurus Model 4510, The Judge. Coming soon to a gunfight near you!