1. How to release the vest

2. Firmly grab the D ring pull-cord

3. Pull the D ring pull-cord completely out

4. Grab sides of plate carrier

5. Push out away from your body ( Buddy system - grab neck line, pull )

6. Vest is completely released


Vest component:
1) Front panel, 2) Adjustment loop,
3) Pull cord, 4) Side cummerbund (back view),
5) Side cummerbund (front view), 6) Back panel.

1. Insert pull-cord thru either side of shoulder.

2. To make it easier, insert the pull cord thru the webbing on the shoulder straps
3. Once pull cord is in place, insert it into the back panel

4. Insert the other side of the shoulder strap with out pull-cord

5. Open back panel to pull both shoulder straps

6. Adjust the size by moving the adjustment loop.

7. Once adjustment loop is in place, connect with the other cummerbund

8. Using the adjustment loop connect all four pieces

9. Once everything is in place, slide the pull-cord thru adjustment loop and back into the webbing on the shoulder strap

10. Complete by closing the flap