AR-15s can be rather difficult to clean properly, but if you have the correct tools the stress seems to disappear.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to get all of the cleaning tools you'll need is to get the Otis M4/M16 Softpack Cleaning System. This kit has just about everything you could possibly need to clean your AR-15, including an instructional video. There are a few other choices for those who do not need such a complete kit, such as the Otis M16 Buttstock Cleaning Kit, the AR-15/M16 Dewey Field Kit, the Tapco AR-15/M16 Belt Pouch Cleaning Kit, and the economical Original Military-Issue AR-15/M16 Buttstock Cleaning Kit.

Some important extras include the Chamber and Bore Brush Pack, the Chamber Maid Swabs, the AR-15 Chamber Guide, and the Dewey Lug Cleaning Kit.

Because all of the tools in the whole world won't do you any good if you can't hold the gun steady, you might find that the Tipton Gun Vise, the HySkore Parallax Cleaning and Sighting Rifle Rest, and the MTM Gunsmith's Maintenance Center are all quite helpful.