Not to be confused with the current main assault rifle of the Russian army, the AK-74, this little Kalashnikov clone was designed for foreign export - to fatten the coffers of Mother Russia and the pockets of the boys over at the Kremlin. The AK-101 is one of a line of AK-100 guns in 5.56x45mm NATO (AK-101 and AK-108), 7.62x39mm (AK-103, AK-105) and 5.45x39mm rifles (AK-107).

Mikhail Kalashnikov, genius inventor of the Kalashnikov assault rifle is responsible for this famous/infamous rifle. The AK has a long history of unequaled performance and reliability and shed blood - to the detriment of U. S. forces and to the delight of commie insurgents around the world.

The most prolific weapon of our time, the AK is found in armories worldwide and in the grimy hands of terrorists and defenders against terrorism, alike. It has made such an impact that it can be seen on the flag of the African country of Mozambique and on terrorist organization, Hezbollah's standard.

Whatever you think of the Kalashnikov - whether you've faced it in combat, seen it brandished on television by rebels or you've read in the newspaper about some nut job using one to slay innocents, know this: the Kalashnikov assault rifle is the most dependable, easily operated/cleaned battlefield gun.

And there are plenty of 'em to go around - millions and millions of 'em - with more on the way. The AK-101 is second cousin to the AK-103 (7.62x39mm), the AK that's caused quite a stir lately, especially in Washington, DC. In its never-ending war to stamp out terrorism and promote freedom and equality in the world, the Russians have contracted with Venezuela to build an AK-103 factory there in S. America, together with a second factory to produce ammo for all those assault rifles.

The Venezuelans, under the loving, socialistic care of Castro-friendly Chavez, have deemed it necessary to modernize their military. Toward that end, the Russians have sold them billions of dollars in arms - to include small arms (can you say Dragunov sniper rifle and grenade launchers?), squadrons of jet fighters, cutting-edge missile defense systems, attack helicopters and heavy helicopter transports.

And now all those Kalashnikovs - ya' gotta wonder what Hugo Chavez has up his sleeve...

The AK-101 weighs about 7 1/2 pounds with an empty, 30-round magazine. With its stock extended, it measures 37 inches and change. With the stock folded, the AK-101 measures 27 1/2 inches.

And the 101s 16-inch barrel is punctuated with a handy flash suppressor. Don't want the enemy spotting the operator's position and homing in on him, now do we? The AK-101 is gas-actuated with a rotating bolt. It is capable of sending 650 rounds downrange per minute at 3,000 feet per second! The AK-101 is good out to 1600 feet and operates in semi-auto, full-auto and ammo-saving 3-rounds bursts.

Coming soon to a jungle Shangri-la near you - the AK-101 assault rifle.