Can't figure out which flashlight to put on your AR, or even how to mount the thing? Below, you'll find several different choices of flashlights and ways to mount them onto your AR.

Leapers LED Mini Weapons Light To make things very simple, you can go with a light/mount combo such as the Leapers LED Mini Weapons Light, Leapers LED Tactical Weapons Light, or the Rico Alpha X-9 Tactical Forend Vertical Grip, to name just a few. All of these lights will mount onto all picatinny rails without any modifications.

SureFire LED Light NitrolonYou can take most flashlights that have a 1" tube and a push-button end cap, like the Surefire G3 LED or the Surefire 6P, and put them in a simple flashlight rail mount or the ElZetta Front Sight Tower Light mount. This makes for a simple, cheap setup if you just want to put a light on there. It's also a great idea if you have a front pistol grip and want to be able to mount the light on a side picatinny rail and activate the light with your thumb. A few other choices for mounts that are designed specifically for this application include the Mako 1" offset mount, the ElZetta ZORM flashlight holder, or the Vltor Offset Scout mount.

Leapers UTG Tactical Pistol FlashlightAnother way to put a light on your AR is to use flashlights that are designed for use on a pistol rail. These will also fit on picatinny rails. A few examples of these are the UTG Tactical Pistol Flashlight, the Insight Technologies M3, and the Streamlight TLR-1. If you really want to get fancy and add a laser, take a look at the Streamlight TLR-2 laser/light combo and the Insight Technology M6X Tactical Laser IllumiNATOr, which includes an optional remote pressure switch.