M15 Gas Mask Filter Installation

The Israeli M15 (MLT-9110) gas mask has one canister filter that mounts up front. To load a new filter, remove the protective covers from the new unit, top and bottom. Remove the old unit from the mask and thread the new unit onto the mask. Make sure it is threaded all the way against the mask to provide a good seal.

To test for a good seal, install the mask, pulling the adjustment straps snuggly, cover the intake port on the mask and suck in. The mask should collapse against the face if a good seal is obtained. If not, it is probably air getting in past the filter. Inspect the filter to be sure it is fully threaded into the mask.

OM-10 Gas Mask Filter Installation

The OM-10 (MLT-9104) mask requires just a few minutes to install the two filters. Begin by removing one of the filters from the packaging and remove the black rubber plug. Decide if the filter you opened goes to the left or right side of the mask by the curvature of the filter. This is easily determined by the filter on top of either side of the mask. If the curve fits with the opening to the outside, that is the side it goes on. Open the mask, then open the left or right side inner flap, and insert the pointed end first to the rear of the mask and keep working it inside. This will require some manipulation of the inner flaps to get it going where you need it. Once the pointed end is inside the mask, work to get the flat end installed to the front of the mask. Once that is done, check to see that the intake hole on the gas mask is aligned with the threaded hole in the filter. Then take one of the two ports to insure the part is threaded firmly in to the new filter. Install the remaining filter on the opposite side in a similar manner. Install the mask on the face, snug the straps for a good fit and inspect for a good seal. Cover the intake ports with the hands and suck in. If the mask collapses against the face, the seal is good. If not, check to see that the filter intake ports are threaded properly, as that is probably where the air is entering the mask.

To remove old filters, first unthread and remove the plastic intake port. Insert the hand inside the inner flap; grab the flat end of the filter at the front of the mask, and pull to remove.