You ever heard of a sub-standard, Italian-made sporting shotgun?

Neither have I.

When it comes to wingshooting; apprehending criminals and other nasties; or bringing terrorists to justice, Italian brand guns/shotguns cannot be beat. Must be all those years of practice.

We've all heard of Italian gun maker Pietro Beretta. The boys at Beretta own Benelli Arms, have done so since the turn of the 21st century. And if a gun has the Beretta stamp on it, it's certainly good enough for this dove and quail shooter, so much so that I'm looking for a Beretta for my next gun buy.

If you like Beretta guns, you're gonna love Benelli.

The M3 is a pump-action or semi-auto shotgun combo rolled into one fine shooting iron, but you're not likely to be wingshooting with this bad-boy. The M3, an update of the M1, holds 7 rounds in its tubular magazine, one in the 'hole.' No. You're likely to be hunting bad guys with the M3, not birds.

Benelli has a history of cranking out fine shotguns, and they rolled the same reliability, versatility and durability into the M1 Super-90 and the M3 Super-90 tactical guns. Because when it comes to combat shooting, that gun in the hands of a SWAT officer in the inner city or a Special Ops guy in the harsh and unforgiving conditions of Afghanistan had better perform. These guys' lives depend on it, and they need a weapon that, like them, can stand up to the most rigorous of conditions.

That gun would be a Benelli M3 Super-90.

The M3, like the M1, features a patented Benelli system that affords this shotgun manual, pump-action operation as well as semi-auto with the twist of an action switch ring located at the end of the forearm. Rotate the ring and the gun is locked in semi-automatic mode. Rotate the ring again, and the gun switches to a pump, ideal for low-pressure rounds like tear gas and less-lethal rubber rounds.

Operators can use the M3 to breach a door, take it down off its hinges - in pump action, switch over to semi-auto - and enter the room filled with hostiles packing a tube full of slugs or buckshot.

The Benelli M3 comes in traditional shotgun style.

Or, switch out the stock, add a pistol grip and collapsible stock, and voila, you're good to go.

The Benelli M3 shotgun - don't leave Base Camp without one.