Holy Toledo! We've all seen 'em, those bigger-than-life Hollywood repeating guns that spew lead 'cross the Silver Screen, like the HOT mini-gun Jesse Ventura shot the jungle up with in Predator.

Like the boys at the Pentagon, Hollywood stays abreast of the latest innovations in firepower. And like the Pentagon, Tinsel Town knows it's all about the bottom line.

They know what sells tickets - action - action - and more action. The more, the merrier.

And although I don't see as many movies as I once did, I don't recall having seen the Atchisson Assault Shotgun in any of today's flicks - not yet. But if this baby is as lethal as I think it is, it's only a matter of time before Arnold or one of the hot, new action stars is seen shooting up the hood with one. There are shotguns, sporting guns turned combat weapons.

There are devastating combat shotguns purposefully created for war and mayhem, devised by mad men in their dark little laboratories. And there are real street sweepers, weapons of mass destruction, that in the right hands can tear up a whole neighborhood of gang bangers.

And there is another gun, altogether unparalleled in modern weaponry - a true city sweeper!

That gun is the Atchisson Assault Shotgun - the Auto Assault-12 (AA-12).

This baby is U.S.-made, designed by Maxwell Atchisson, developed by Military Police Systems, Inc. (MPS). The Atchisson prototype was spawned in the 1970s. The new and improved MPS system came out in 2005 after the company bought the patent and after many design changes and improvements - notably the development of FRAG-12 ammo [e.g., high explosive (HE); High Explosive Fragmenting Antipersonnel (HE-FA); and High Explosive Armor-Piercing(HE-AP)] by Experimental Cartridge Company, Ltd. and Action Manufacturing, Inc.

With its 18-inch barrel, the AA-12 weighs 10.5 pounds and measures slightly more than 3 feet.

This gun features an 8-round removable box magazine, 20- and 32-round drum magazines.

And it shoots 3-inch shells and fires from an open bolt.

But this is where this semi-auto or full-auto gun gets real interesting - it is capable of firing 300 rounds per minute. That's an unbelievable 5 rounds every second! Add to the destructive capability of 12 gauge slugs or 00 buckshot, the AA-12 blows away the competition with its FRAG-12 capability.

MPS claims the AA-12 does not need to be cleaned or lubricated. What else could you ask for? MPS' latest model, the CQB weighs less than the standard AA-12 and sports a 13-inch barrel.