"What do I need to get started in reloading?" This is a question that we hear quite often at Cheaper Than Dirt, so we are going to run a series of articles on reloading, starting with an overview of basic equipment that you will need to get started.

The first thing you will need is a loading manual from a reputable company like Sierra, Speer, or Hornady, etc. These manuals will have reloading 'How To' information, things to do and not to do, plus load data (recipes) for loading your favorite cartridge. Read through the manual before starting to load.

Next comes the press. These come in many styles from different manufacturers and you will need to pick one that will suit your needs. A basic single-stage press will get you started. This is a one operation at a time press that will load every cartridge from the smallest centerfire handgun cartridge to the largest (.50 BMG being the exception) centerfire rifle cartridge. This type of press is also the easiest to operate and will offer less chances for error when compared to progressive types.

You will need a powder measure of some type. The powder measure will gauge uniform charges of powder. A rotary drop-type measure will allow you to adjust the powder charge to get the best accuracy, or velocity for you speed nuts, out of your handload. These are very versatile and will handle many types of powder.

We recommend a powder scale also. Many powder measures have numbered increments on them but the scale is much more accurate and will insure the proper charge is loaded into the cartridge.

You will also need dies, powder, primers, cases and bullets. We will cover these items in separate articles.

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