Here's another really accurate sniper rifle-chambered for 7.65x51mm NATO.

Just as the 1903 Springfield and the M1 Garand (both in .30-06) converted to superior sniper rifles with telescopic scopes, the M14 National Match rifle, chambered for .308-was modified to create a superior military sniper rifle.

So which do I like best-the .308 or the .30-06?

I own both-a .308 Remington 700 BDL (one of the sniper's best friends-both in military and paramilitary circles). And I inherited the legendary 1903 A-3 Springfield rifle chambered in .30-06. Which do I consider superior, in terms of downrange punch?

All things equal the .30-06 has greater muzzle velocity and range.

I like it with a bonded bullet-like the Winchester XP-3 that holds together on large-boned North American big-game-like the buffalo I killed in South Dakota with one shot to the forehead. With good optics, the Remington 700 in .308 is extremely accurate for any purpose as evidenced by the many police SWAT teams that employ it.

I wouldn't get rid of either gun. I like the .308 for deer, the -06 for elk and above.

The M21 Sniper rifle with match-grade ammo is an accurate and reliable gas-operated, semi-automatic rifle that weighs about 11 pounds. Its superior sighting feature sits atop the rifle: a Leatherwood 3-9X ART scope. The M21 is a few inches shy of four feet long and features a 22-inch barrel with a stock M14 flash suppressor. A precision, two-stage military trigger was added, and it uses 5-round or 20-round box magazines.

Early M21s have a walnut stock; newer rifles have a camo, synthetic stock.

So, the military slapped a fancy scope on the M14, added a new trigger and threw in a box of Grade-A ammunition for a great sniper rifle? Basically, yes.

The bolt-action M25 replaced the M21 as the Army's sniper rifle in the late 1980s. It has a camouflaged fiberglass stock and a Bausch & Lomb Tactical 10X or a Leupold 10X scope. The M21 and the M25 have an effective range beyond 2100 feet.

The M21 and the M25 remain in service.

Some like the M21 for its fast, second shot, semi-auto capability.

Others prefer the bolt action M25.

Either rifle will serve you well-and look great in your gun safe.