All gun owners, from collectors to hobbyists to hunters, are coming under increasing fire from a reactionary public lately. The best way to combat this growing ignorance is to make sure that as gun owners we are as responsible with our firearms as possible, taking care not only when using them but in their storage as well. It is in the case of storage that many of the well-publicized incidents involving guns occur. Not only is it necessary to help the image of the gun that owners store their firearms correctly, but also for the safety of our families.

When it comes to gun storage, there simply is no such thing as too much equipment. I prefer to store my guns fully assembled, so the most basic level of storage safety is removing any clips and storing them in a separate place, such as an office safe with a key lock. I will usually store my ammunition there too, although some people prefer to get another safe for this purpose. Handgun owners may also choose to store their weapons in a safe, but should store clips and ammo separately.

For the gun itself, the basic safety part is the trigger. Triggers can be incapacitated with several devices, such as cable locks which also hamper the action. I prefer a simple trigger lock for my rifles. Whether using a trigger lock or a cable, decide whether you want to use a key device or a tumbler device. I use the simpler keys, just because I am sure to forget any combination or else misplace the piece of paper I wrote it down on (if you do write down your combination, a good place to store the paper is in your hunting bag; it's the first place you'll think of).

Finally, I place my guns in an old china cabinet I picked up at a garage sale and refitted with gun racks. I like to have my guns on display in my study, so this is ideal for me. The door is again closed and a key lock attached, and the guns inside are chained together so that on the chance that someone does break in, they will be unable to take a gun. For those who do not want their guns on display, old wardrobes or storage lockers can also be used to put guns in when they are in your home; just make sure that you use some type of outer casing such as a gun case or even an old blanket to prevent damage to any guns. Take your scopes off too, or they might be scratched.

Gun safety should be the paramount concern for any person who uses a weapon. Storage when you are not using your firearms is a huge area, and undertaking the task with care and diligence is the best way to prevent an accident. Taking extra caution will also help in preventing your valuable guns from being stolen or in a worst case scenario used against you.