If you liked Heckler & Koch’s MP-5 (MP-54) and who didn’t, you will love the HK MP5K. The HK MP5K (machine pistol 5, short) is based on the tried and true MP-5.

The Germans have been making world-class submachineguns (SMG) and machine pistols for years, and the MP5K is no exception. This scaled down version introduced in the mid-1970s, is ideally suited for close quarter combat (CQC), Special Operations and executive protection situations. The MP5K lacks a shoulder stock and the MP-5 fore end has been replaced with a handy vertical grip—just what HQ ordered when their guys flip the MP5K selector switch from safe to rock & roll.

Speaking of the fire-safety switch, the MP5K has three choices—S for sicher (safe), E for einzelfeur (single shot) and F for feuerstoss or full-auto. The newer MP5KA4 offers a really cool, expanded trigger group offering—a 2-, 3-, or 4-round burst for controlled fire and ammo conservation.

Whereas the MP-5 has an overall length of slightly more than 26 and one-quarter-inches, the MP5K has a very modest, concealable length of 12.8 inches. Now, that’s short! And for gun aficionados that like to travel light, the MP5K weighs just 4.4 pounds.

That’s light.

Still, the abbreviated length, weight and short 4.5-inch barrel have their drawbacks. The MP5K has an effective range of just 82 feet (25 meters), but its proponents are unlikely to take this Heckler & Koch machinespistole deer hunting.

The MP5K features a delayed blowback operation. In semi-auto mode, the weapon’s recoil is delayed until after the round is fired, enhancing accuracy.

Chambered for the 9x19mm Luger/Parabellum pistol round, the MP5K packs a wallop, but it is ineffective against body armor. It uses the same 15- or 30-round box magazines as its big brother, the MP-5, and it boasts a greater cycle rate—900 rounds per—as opposed to the MP-5’s 800 rounds per minute rate of fire.

One really cool feature that hearkens back to the Cold War days, the MP5K comes with its own carrying system—a bag and a suitcase—designed to carry the weapon concealed, able to be fired instantly using the hole in the bag and in the suitcase. To fire the suitcase-shrouded MP5K, the operator need only pull the trigger (the suitcase handle). How’s that for an operationally brilliant executive protection weapon?