Now here's a weapon with a real Star Wars look!

This American-made submachinegun (SMG), one of the oddest of its kind, was designed and manufactured by Calico Light Weapons Systems in the 1990s.

The 9mm Calico is a delayed blowback, select-fire SMG. The Calico's action is based on a system made famous by Mauser Werke at the end of WWII and later refined by Heckler & Koch in their G3 rifle series and the ever-popular, MP5.

The full auto Calico was intended for military or law enforcement application, but met with a lackluster reception. A semi-auto version was intended for commercial sales, but it too was ultimately thwarted by Calico's high-cap magazines and United States magazine and automatic weapons restrictions (see Assault Weapons Ban of 1994).

The Calico comes in .22 LR (Models 100, 105 and 110) and 9mm Luger (Model 900, 950, 960 and Liberty). All 9mm versions have an ejection chute below the receiver.

.22 Long Rifle Calicos expel shell casings from the right side.

The drawback to the 9mm is that the operator can be burned by spent casings.

The Russian PP-190 Bizon, yet another less-than-stellar commercial hit, had a similarly fashioned cylindrical, helical-fed, high-cap magazine, although the Bizon's mag is beneath the receiver, not atop the receiver as is the case with the Calico M960 SMG.

The M960s most unique features are its magazine and its look.

It comes in a pistol, carbine or an SMG version.

The Calico 'pistol,' M950 9mm, comes without a butt stock and features a short barrel.

It has a 50-round, cylindrical, helical-feed magazine, made mostly of plastic. The Calico 'pistol' M100 has a longer, top-mounted magazine that is chambered for .22 LR.

The Calico M960 has an ambidextrous selector switch ahead of the trigger guard. Its charging handle is on the left side, ahead of and above the trigger guard.

The M960 comes with an optional front grip and flash suppressor.

Empty, it weighs 4.78 pounds. With the retractable stock extended, the M960 measures nearly 33 inches. With the butt stock retracted, it measures just 25.5 inches.

The Calico M960 fires 750 rounds per minute using 50- or 100-round magazines.